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What Mechanism Is Used To Vary The Pump Displacement In Axial Piston Pumps?

How does an axial piston pump vary its displacement? What specific mechanism enables these pumps to adjust the output flow according to system requirements? Discover the inner workings of this hydraulic component and gain insights into the mechanism responsible for altering pump displacement.

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The mechanism used to vary the pump displacement in axial piston pumps is typically achieved through the adjustment of the swashplate angle. The swashplate, also known as the tilting plate or inclined plate, is a key component in axial piston pumps responsible for controlling the stroke length of the pistons.

What Mechanism Is Used To Vary The Pump Displacement In Axial Piston Pumps?
What Mechanism Is Used To Vary The Pump Displacement In Axial Piston Pumps?

In axial piston pumps, the cylinder block rotates, and the pistons reciprocate within their cylinder bores. The swashplate is positioned at an angle to the cylinder block, and as the block rotates, it causes the pistons to move back and forth. The angle of the swashplate determines the stroke length of the pistons, which in turn determines the displacement or output flow of the pump.

By changing the angle of the swashplate, the effective stroke length of the pistons is modified. This adjustment directly affects the amount of fluid being displaced with each piston stroke, thereby varying the pump’s output flow. When the swashplate angle is increased, the pistons have a longer stroke, resulting in a higher displacement and increased flow rate. Conversely, reducing the swashplate angle decreases the stroke length, leading to a lower displacement and reduced flow rate.

The adjustment of the swashplate angle in axial piston pumps can be achieved through various mechanisms. One common approach involves the use of a control mechanism, such as a servo or control piston, which acts on the swashplate. By applying hydraulic pressure to the control mechanism, the swashplate angle can be changed, allowing for on-the-fly adjustment of the pump’s displacement.

Another method involves utilizing a variable-angle swashplate, which can be mechanically or hydraulically actuated. This type of swashplate can be adjusted externally, allowing for convenient control of the pump’s displacement without the need for additional control mechanisms.

Overall, the mechanism used to vary the pump displacement in axial piston pumps relies on the manipulation of the swashplate angle. By adjusting this angle, the stroke length of the pistons is modified, enabling precise control of the pump’s output flow to meet the specific requirements of the hydraulic system.

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