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High quality pumping equipment manufacturer in China, specialized in Hydraulic Pump.


Over 10 Years of Experience Focus on Hydraulic Pump Manufacturing.


Manufacturing and supplying for hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, reducers, gearboxes, etc.


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High Performance Axial Piston Pump

Kawasaki K3VG Pump

High Load Capacity Bearings

“Half Log”Type Swash Plate Support Mechanism

Wide Range of Controls

Auxiliary Take Off

Fully Balanced Spherical Valve Plate

Self Compensating Piston Return Mechanism

Friction-free Shoe Contacting Mechanism

Wide Variety of Pump Options

Rigid Casing

High Performance Axial Piston Pump

Our main hydraulic pump brands

Linde pump

rexroth pump


Vickers pump

danfoss pump

parker pump

Eaton Pump



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OEM Hydraulic Pump

Topkitparts are a professional OEM hydraulic pump manufacturer with our own brand. Our factory has more than 10 years of experiences in design and manufacturing.They have been exported to many countries worldwide, such as USA, UK, Australia…

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Linde hydraulic pump production process

Kawasaki pump function introduction

High Performance K3V Kawasaki Pump

Hydraulic Pumps Buyer's Guide

Hydraulic Pumps Buyer's Guide

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Shandong Topkit Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., is a high-tech company specialized in the manufacturing and supplying for hydraulic pumps, valves, motors, reducers, gearboxes, etc.

We mainly focuses on hydraulic parts for hydraulic excavators, and the products have been serialized. We dedicated on the following three systems and five series products. We specialized in Positive flow system, negative flow system, load sensing control system;

Our products, constructed with precision engineering and impeccable attention to detail, have become the benchmark for quality in the construction machinery equipment sector. With years of experience under our belt, we have been at the forefront of developing advanced hydraulic solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.

Understanding the importance of reliability in the construction sector, Shandong Topkit ensures that every product that leaves our factory is of the highest quality, adhering to stringent quality control measures and industry standards. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians constantly push the boundaries of technology, aiming to improve and evolve our offerings to better serve the rapidly changing demands of the industry.


Hydraulic Pumps FAQs

When you do your research on the term Topkitparts, you might wonder if it’s legal. I have to say that Topkitparts is a real hydraulic pump manufacturer from China.

All hydraulic pumps can be shipped worldwide by sea, air or by international express logistics of DHL, FEDEX, UPS.

Here is a guide to pay for hydralic pump with T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Credit Card (Mastercard, Visa) and e-Checking.

We have customization service for hidraulic pump
with your customized designs, including colors, logos, table sizes and more special configurations.

  • The products should be in their original packaging.
  • The products should be unused.
  • The products must not have been damaged by you.
  • The products should be returned within 30 days of delivery date.
  • If the product is defective or damaged, then you can return it within 30 days of delivery date.

Yes, we have a wide range of hydraulic pumps drawings and manuals available for your download. These are free to access.

hydraulic pumps Technical Manual – Download a PDF version of the hydraulic pumps technical manual. The manual covers all aspects of the machine from the engine to electrical system, hydraulic system and more.

hydraulic pumps Repair Manual – Download a PDF version of the hydraulic pumps repair manual. The manual covers all aspects of repairing, servicing and maintaining your machine. This is a must-have if you want to keep your equipment running smoothly.

hydraulic pumpsParts Catalog – Download a PDF version of the hydraulic pumps parts catalog. The catalog provides all of the necessary details so you can order exactly what you need when it comes time to replace or repair any parts on your machine.

Warranty is the period of time for which a product is guaranteed to work. The period of time varies according to the manufacturer.

We provide free lifetime technical support, free online service, free online update for all products that we sell, and best price in China!

A hydrolic pump
installation video is available. This video will help you install the hydraulic pump quickly.

Yes, I think the applicable model query is more important.

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Hydraulic Pump Questions and Answers

explain how rotary gear pumps operate?

Rotary gear pumps operate on the principle of positive displacement, using a pair of interlocking gears to move fluid from the inlet to the outlet side of the pump. As the gears rotate, they create expanding cavities on the inlet side that draw in fluid. The gears then mesh together on the outlet side, reducing the volume of the cavities and forcing the fluid out under pressure. The rotation ensures a continuous, steady flow of fluid, making gear pumps efficient and reliable for transferring a variety of liquids. The tight tolerances between the gears and the pump casing help maintain the pressure and prevent backflow, making them suitable for both low and high-viscosity fluids.

What gear runs both pumps in an automatic transmission?

In an automatic transmission, the gear that primarily drives both the hydraulic pump and the lubrication pump is typically the torque converter. The torque converter is connected to the engine’s crankshaft, and it spins at the same speed as the engine. As the engine runs, the torque converter uses fluid dynamics to transmit power to the transmission gears and also drives the transmission’s pumps. Specifically, the impeller within the torque converter is what drives the pumps, supplying the hydraulic pressure required to shift gears and providing lubrication to various transmission components. This centralized system ensures synchronized operation and is crucial for the transmission’s performance.

what is the difference between direct drive and gear reduction pressure washer pumps?

Direct drive and gear reduction are two configurations commonly used in pressure washer pumps, and each has its advantages and drawbacks. A direct drive pump is directly coupled to the motor, resulting in a compact design and higher RPM, which is good for portability and less complex maintenance. However, this design can lead to faster wear and tear on the pump. On the other hand, gear reduction pumps use a gear system to reduce the RPM from the motor to the pump, offering more durability and longer life but at the cost of size and weight. They are generally used in industrial settings where longevity and low maintenance are crucial.

What type of pump is used for highly viscous fluid and Why?

For handling highly viscous fluids, positive displacement pumps like gear pumps and screw pumps are commonly used. Unlike centrifugal pumps, which can lose efficiency with thicker fluids, positive displacement pumps move liquid in discrete, enclosed volumes, maintaining a consistent flow rate regardless of viscosity. Gear pumps, with their interlocking gears, and screw pumps, with their helical rotors, are specifically designed to handle the resistance associated with thick fluids like oils, syrups, and sludges. These pumps are particularly effective in industries like food processing, petrochemical, and waste management, where handling viscous fluids efficiently and reliably is a key requirement.

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