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M2X/M5X Series

kawasaki Swing Motor

M2X/M5X Series Swing Motors are swash plate type piston motors developed for application to swinging operation of construction machines, and are provided with a built-in mechanical brake, a relief valve, and a make-up valve.

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M2X/M5X Series Swing Motors Features

Here we will look at the M2X/M5X series swing motors, some general information.

Integrated valving for swing function

The M2X/M5X Series Swing Motors are designed to operate two or five-section operator functions. The motors feature integrated valving for the swing function and are available in two voltage configurations.

Compact design

The M2X/M5X Series Swing Motors are high-quality, long-lasting products that have been designed to withstand the rigors of high-volume commercial applications. The motors feature a compact design that allows you to easily integrate them into your existing equipment.

Directly connected to reduction gear

The M2X / M5X series swing motors are used to drive the main swing. They can be directly connected to reduction gearboxes with high torque and low speed, so that the overall performance is good.

M2X/M5X Series Swing Motors Specifications

Pressure MPa(kgf/cm )Rated* 129.4 (300)32.4 (330)32.4 (330)29.4 (300)
Mr:. - 234.3 (350)39.2 (400)39.2 (400)34.3 (350)
Maximum speed ”3min '2,2001,8501,6801,400
Rated output torque “4Num (kgf m)300 (31)670 (68)932 (95)980 (100)
Rated output power “5kW69129163144
BrakeApplicable maximum brake torqueNum (kgf m)314 (32)843 (86)1,250 (127)1,380 (141)
Release pressureMPa (kgf/cm*)2.3 (23)3.4 (34)3.3 (33)3.4 (35)
Maximum allowable release pressure MPa (kgf/cm°)4.9 (50)
M2X/M5X series

kawasaki Swing Motors Applications

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The main purpose of a swing motor is to raise and lower items such as buckets and cranes attached to an excavator arm.

Crawler Drills

Fundamental component of the crawler drill. A swing motor is a highly efficient, compact and reliable DC electric motor.

Pile Drivers

The swing motor must be durable enough to withstand the high impact force generated by each stroke of the ram.

M2X/M5X Kawasaki Swing Motors Series Model List


M2X/M5X Kawasaki Swing Motors PDF

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M2X/M5X Kawasaki Swing Motors Video

 The video shows the M2X and M5X Kawasaki swing motors running in action. It also shows the internals of the motors, which are different from those shown in previous videos. The M2X motor has a gearbox with two reduction gears and one large motor gear. The M5X motor has a gearbox with 5 reduction gears and one large motor gear.

M2X/M5X Kawasaki Swing Motors FAQ

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Yes, we have a large selection of Kawasaki Swing Motors drawings and manuals available.

The Kawasaki Swing Motors Parts Manuals are a great resource for repair and maintenance information about your Kawasaki Swing Motors. Whether you are an experienced “do it yourselfer” or just beginning to work on your Kawasaki Swing Motors, these manuals will help you understand how your Kawasaki Swing Motors works and how to maintain it properly.

The Kawasaki Swing Motors Parts Catalogs are a great resource for identifying the right part numbers for your Kawasaki Swing Motors. These catalogs contain detailed pictures showing all parts and hardware that come standard with your machine. They also include pricing information so that you can easily determine which parts are best for your needs.

The Kawasaki Swing Motors Service Manuals provide step-by-step instructions with detailed illustrations on how to maintain and repair your machine. The service manual includes information such as: troubleshooting procedures, how to replace filters and fluids, tune-up procedures, etc…

Warranty is the period of time for which a product is guaranteed to work. The period of time varies according to the manufacturer.

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Kawasaki Swing Motors installation video is available. This video will help you to install the pump on your Kawasaki Swing Motors.

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