bobcat excavator hydraulic problems
bobcat excavator hydraulic problems

bobcat excavator hydraulic problems

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Bobcat is the most common brand of excavator. Its application areas are diverse and include building, mine works and farming to mention just a few. Bobcats can however present problems.

This article will highlight some of the hydraulic issues that may occur when using bobcat excavators. This will also detail you on the causes behind such problems and how they can be avoided.

bobcat excavator hydraulic problems
bobcat excavator hydraulic problems

What are Bobcat Excavator Hydraulic Issues?

Bobcat excavators are a choice popular for builders and homeowners because of their versatility and engine power. However, these machines can also develop hydraulic problems. In case of any such breakdowns, reduced efficiency could result from that or even destruction to the machine. These are some of the main bobcat excavator hydraulic issues:

1.Hydraulic fluid leaks: Leakage of hydraulic fluid is one of the most common bobcat excavator hydraulic problems.Because of many aspects, including faulty seals or hoses, this can occur. When this happens, the fluid can escape and dirty the motor or its environs.

2.Cylinder failure: Failure in cylinder is yet another typical problem with bobcat excavator hydraulics.Ones or several cylinders get damaged rendering them less efficient and even leading to harm to the machinery itself.

3.Clogged filters: Clogged filters is one among the prevalent bobcat excavator hydraulic issues.During a period when the machine’s filtering system has accumulated dirt, debris or other sundry matter it may cause decremental functioning and even mechanical collapse.

Should you experience any difficulties with your bobcat digger, always make sure that you consult with a specialized mechanic who will help you diagnose it and address it; for example by changing parts that are malfunctioning or fixing backflow of hydraulic oil into the system .

Why do Bobcat excavators have hydraulic problems?

In relation to Bobcat excavators, common problem they have relates to hydraulics. This can either be with the engine or the hydraulics.

Whenever an issue arises from the engine, this could automatically cause a failure in the hydraulic system; therefore, damaging it and negatively affecting its performance.

Therefore, once you see any of these problems happening with your Bobcat Excavator you must get it repaired immediately.

To bring it back into normalcy, engage a skilled repairer for a safe hands-off approach.

How to identify Bobcat Excavator Hydraulic Problems

When you have problems with your Bobcat excavator, there are a number of things that you can do to determine the cause. In this way, you will be able to put back your machine into action as fast as possible.

1.Check engine oil levels considering excavator’s checking engine oil. Also, low level of oil may show hydraulic problem.

2.Check for leaks in the hydraulic system inspecting hydraulic system. If it is leaking then water may get inside the machine leading to misfunctionality of the whole unit. Some signs of leakage in the hydraulic system include loss of power in an engine, slow movement speed and high pitched sound during its use.

3.Examine seals and hose pipes check out all seals and hoses on the hydraulic system for their condition and any foreign material deposits or corrosion on them . When these items are absent it leads to leakages which furthercause damages internally to a machine.

4.Carry out compression test on engine cylinders compressing tests can help identify whether there is a problem with an engine or its cylinders if one or more cylinders have problems than it might require getting anotherengine altogether.

How to Diagnose a Bobcat Excavator Hydraulic Pump Problem?

In case the hydraulic pump of your Bobcat excavator is experiencing problems, there are several things you can do to diagnose the problem. First, make sure that the engine is running well and that there is enough fuel supply for hydraulic system. The next thing to do is checking for fluid leakage via diagnostic scanner For instance, check if the pump itself has been affected by any problem.

How do I fix Bobcat hydraulic problems?

When your Bobcat excavator’s hydraulic system is giving you problems, there are a few things you should try to solve the issue.

1.First, consider dismantling and checking all parts of the machine separately. Should it happen that one component of the hydraulics is not functioning well, you can fix it by replacement.

2.If the entire hydraulic system is faulty, then you may need to replace the entire device. Such cases require you to reach out to either a Bobcat dealer or service center for assistance in that area.

3.In situations where none of those will work out for you, taking your machine to Bobcat dealer or service center for an overhaul may be necessary.

4.Though if your warranty has expired then there are third party service centers which might assist you with your situation.

Should anyone face difficulty associated with Bobcat Excavators’ Hydraulic System they can contact Bobcat Dealer or Service Center.

Bobcat Excavator Hydraulic Troubleshooting Tips

To repair problems, such as hydraulic with bobcat excavators is an expense of time. Here are some useful tips to help you identify the problem and fix it.

1.Assess the leakage in the hydraulic system. Consider if oil or any other fluids are seeping through seals and joints The power available for excavation can be reduced if there are any leaks.

2.If there is overheating in the hydraulic system, you should check where It can cause damage to the components of the hydraulic systems.

3.Use a water or another fluid pump to test the hydraulic system. Check if there are leaks or other problems from proper operation by the pump. Test will not continue before fixing those leaks.

4.Replace worn-out or broken parts in the hydraulic system. Low horsepower, low digging speed and several other issues may result from worn out or damaged parts.

5.Damaged or broken components should be fixed on that occasion because they cause decreased horsepower, reduced excavation speed, among other factors.

6.Any type of obstruction in this system must be removed since obstructions result into low speed during excavation and less horsepower; so it is important to clear all these objects prior to continuation of tests

bobcat excavator hydraulic problems
bobcat excavator hydraulic problems

How do I prevent Bobcat hydraulic problems?

In case the hydraulic system of your bobcat excavator has issues, you may want to do a few things in order to avoid its occurrence in future. First off, it is vital that you keep your bobcat machine tidy. This not only enhances its smooth running but also prevents accumulation of debris which could hinder the working of its hydraulic mechanism. Secondly, confirm if the right fluids and filters are being used on your bobcat. Whereas low levels of fluid or dirty filters will result in extra problems with the hydraulic system hence slowing down the performance of a machine; on the other hand, incorrect installation will lead to incorrect flow rate and pressure as well as omittance. Lastly, ensure that your bobcat is checked for wear and tear signs regularly. When significant mechanical glitches start appearing such as: worn-out bearings and gears- they should be attended to promptly. These small preventive measures can go a long way in keeping your bobcat excavator running smoothly and preventing any serious hydraulic problems from occurring. I hope these suggestions will work out for you, good luck!


When you encounter problems with bobcat excavator hydraulics it is very important to fix them immediately. If you delay too much, more damage can occur and equipment may be lost. In case you don’t have enough knowledge and required tools, find someone who can do it for you without any difficulties. Read our article about how to identify and diagnose bobcat excavator hydraulic problems so that you will learn more about why they may occur in the first place while waiting.

bobcat excavator hydraulic problems

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