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How To Change A Piston In A Axial Pressure Washer Pump?

What are the steps involved in changing a piston in an axial pressure washer pump? From disassembly to reassembly, learn the procedure to effectively replace a damaged piston and ensure the optimal functioning of your pressure washer.

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Replacing a piston in an axial pressure washer pump is a relatively straightforward process, but it requires careful attention to ensure proper installation and optimal performance of the pump. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Safety first: Before starting any maintenance or repair work, make sure to turn off the pressure washer and disconnect it from the power source. Release any residual pressure in the system by squeezing the trigger gun.
  2. Access the pump: Remove any covers or housing that may be protecting the pump. This will allow you to access the internals of the pressure washer pump.
  3. Identify the piston: Locate the piston within the pump. Typically, the pistons are attached to the crankshaft and are visible once the pump housing is opened.
  4. Remove the connecting rod: The piston is connected to the crankshaft through a connecting rod. Carefully detach the connecting rod from the piston. Depending on the design of the pump, you may need to unscrew or unbolt the connecting rod.
  5. Remove the piston: Once the connecting rod is detached, gently pull the piston out of its cylinder. Take note of any seals or O-rings that may be present and ensure they are not damaged during the removal process.
  6. Clean and inspect: Thoroughly clean the cylinder and piston assembly, removing any debris or residue. Inspect the cylinder for any signs of damage or wear. If the cylinder is damaged, it is advisable to replace it as well.
  7. Install the new piston: Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the new piston and carefully insert it into the cylinder. Ensure that the piston is properly aligned and slides smoothly within the cylinder.
  8. Reattach the connecting rod: Connect the piston to the crankshaft by reattaching the connecting rod. Tighten any screws or bolts securely but avoid overtightening, as it may damage the components.
  9. Reassemble the pump: Put the pump housing back together, ensuring all the necessary components are in place. Tighten any screws or bolts according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  10. Test the pressure washer: Once the piston is replaced and the pump is reassembled, reconnect the pressure washer to the power source. Run the pressure washer briefly to check for any leaks or unusual noises. Verify that the new piston is functioning properly and generating the required pressure.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully replace a piston in an axial pressure washer pump. However, it’s always recommended to consult the user manual or seek professional assistance if you’re unsure or inexperienced with such repairs.

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