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120 Hitachi Excavator How to Switch from 80 Gallon to 60 Gallon on Hydraulic Pump?

I have a 120 Hitachi excavator and I want to switch the hydraulic pump capacity from 80 gallons to 60 gallons. How can I do this?

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To switch the hydraulic pump capacity on a 120 Hitachi excavator from 80 gallons to 60 gallons, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the engine and close the hydraulic throttle to prevent hydraulic oil flow.
  2. Locate the hydraulic pump and look for the capacity adjustment screw on the pump.
  3. Using a wrench or adjuster, rotate the adjustment screw to match the desired capacity. The adjustment screw is typically located on the top or side of the hydraulic pump.
  4. Once the capacity adjustment screw is in the correct position, restart the engine and allow the hydraulic system to refill with oil.
  5. Operate the machine using the new hydraulic pump capacity and monitor the hydraulic system for proper operation.

Note that changing the hydraulic pump capacity may require additional adjustments and calibration to ensure proper system operation. If you are not familiar with this process, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a qualified technician or mechanic. Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and follow proper safety procedures when working on hydraulic systems.

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