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Why choose Kawasaki K3V?

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The Kawasaki K3V single-stage axial piston pump with low suction and high discharge pressure is an excellent general service pump for a reliable, cost efficient, long life.

The K3V pump is designed to transfer medium to heavyweight liquids under pressure in closed-loop systems. It allows the liquid to be delivered at relatively high working pressures and operating temperatures.

What is the point of the Kawasaki K3V?

K3V series is a high performance, small volume low speed axial piston pump. The pump has an integral relief valve that limits pressure to prevent damage to the housing. They are small, lightweight and designed for high reliability and long service life.

They are suitable for low pressure applications such as gas control, air conditioning systems, industrial machinery and steel mills and are designed for use with refrigerant gases including ammonia R-717, methane R-425, propane R-290, LPG R-290A1, ethylene R -112 for temperatures up to 50°C (128°F).

The K3V is an interesting choice for applications requiring low noise, high performance, and high energy efficiency. Kawasaki has over a decade of experience building pumps based on this patented technology. These features make the K3V stand out from its competitors.

Where are Kawasaki piston pumps used?

Commercial, industrial and municipal applications rely on the open-loop K3V series Axial Piston Pumps by Kawasaki. These pumps are used in a wide range of applications including fire suppression and building management systems, condensate removal from air conditioning equipment, water/sewage pumping, wastewater treatment, pool filtering, and many other commercial industries.

The ability of the pump to handle corrosive liquids as a result of its axial piston displacement design makes it ideal for use in chemical processing plants as well as industrial power generation plants.

If you choose Kawasaki K3V, what kind of guarantee can we bring you.

The Kawasaki K3V Axial Piston Pumps (Open Loop) guarantees your satisfaction with its continuous product and technical support worldwide. Our products are designed for maximum performance and long life.

The only thing we require of you is to specify the correct Kawasaki K3V Series pump classification and performance level for your application. We will supply our best smooth and trouble-free operation based upon reliable design and quality construction. If, at any time, your application requires assistance, we will be there to support you.

Product Specifications

Precautions when using Kawasaki K3V.

Kawasaki K3V axial piston pumps (also known as open loop) are used in various industries to treat corrosive, abrasive, and high viscosity liquids. These pumps can be used as general-purpose pump sets with simple controllers (without flowmeters).

However, the expected service life is greatly reduced. Kawasaki strongly recommends that these pumps be limited to applications where Kawasaki or experienced users have validated similar conditions.

What is the maximum temperature of the oil that can be used in a K3V pump?

The maximum safe operating temperature of the oil used for a K3V pump is 150 degrees Celsius. The K3V pump is designed to handle temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. It is possible to exceed this limit but should NEVER be done intentionally because it can cause serious damage.

Are there optional valve plates available for K3V pumps?

Whether closed, semi-open or totally open loop, Kawasaki provides high-performance axial piston pumps to meet your most demanding applications. We offer several series of single and double-acting piston pumps in cast iron and aluminum bodies. Their rugged design, corrosion-resistant materials, and excellent performance make our pumps stand out as the choice that you can depend on.

What is the maximum inlet pressure of the oil?

The Kawasaki K3V Series Axial Piston Pump (Open Loop) has a working pressure between 456 and 2600 PSI.

What is the difference between the K3V series pumps?

The K3V series pumps are all open-loop axial piston pumps. The main difference with these pumps is the displacement. The 112 pump is a 10 cc/rev, the 160 is 14 cc/rev, and the 280 is 25cc/rev.

There are some performance curves, pressure, and flow rate that will show the differences in the pump performance based on different displacement sizes.

These types of pumps can be found in many applications like road construction and agriculture machines.

Is it possible to replace the shaft end of the pump?

The shaft end can be changed on all units except for the K3V63DTP and K3V112DT.

The K3V112DT pumps are available as a set stocked unit only.

Warnings: Do not use an impact wrench to tighten the shaft nut (on K3V224DT pumps, a torque wrench is required). During disassembly and assembly, do not strike and damage parts. When the pump is disassembled, pay attention to the order in which items are removed and installed.

Kawasaki pump shaft ends can be changed except for specific models of their pumps.

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