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What Is a Kabota K-170l Kh-28 Excavator Drive Pump?

I have a Kubota K-170l KH-28 excavator and I'm curious about the function of the excavator drive pump. Can you explain what it is and how it works?

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The drive pump is a critical component of the hydraulic system in a Kubota K-170l KH-28 excavator. Its main function is to provide the hydraulic power necessary to drive the tracks or wheels of the excavator.

Powered by the excavator’s engine, the drive pump generates the hydraulic pressure required to move the machine. It is typically located near the hydraulic tank and is connected to the engine via a drive belt.

Because it operates under high pressure and high load conditions, the Kubota K-170l KH-28 excavator drive pump is designed to be strong, durable, and reliable.

If you experience any issues with the drive pump, it is important to address them quickly to prevent further damage to the hydraulic system. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or consult a qualified technician or mechanic to diagnose and repair any problems with the drive pump.

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