Kawasaki hydraulic pump nameplate interpretation

Kawasaki hydraulic pump nameplate interpretation

Hydraulic pumps are a must-have for any machine that uses hydraulic pressure to move objects. The Kawasaki KV series is one of the most popular lines of pumps sold in North America, but what if you’re not sure which pump you have? To find out which one you have, check out this blog article!

Why is it important to know what your pump’s nameplate means?

The nameplate is an important part of your pump and it should be inspected often. The nameplate is also known as a “name plate.” This can be found on the pump itself or on a separate piece of equipment that goes with the pump.

The nameplate will tell you what type of pump it is, which model it is, how much oil it can hold, and how much pressure it will work at. It will also tell you if there are any special features like pressure relief valves when the oil pressure gets too high.

The nameplate is important because it tells you what kind of equipment you have and what kind of service life it has had so far. If there is a problem with your equipment, then knowing this information can help you decide whether or not to repair it or replace it altogether.

How to Read Kawasaki Pump Nameplate

Kawasaki Pump Nameplate
Kawasaki Pump Nameplate

K3V:Indicates the Kawasaki pump series model K3v.k3vl,k3vg,k5v,k7v…

280:Indicates Kawasaki pump displacement






DT:Indicates Kawasaki pump construction type

S:single pump

DT:Tandem pump

DTP:Tandem pumps can be linked to PTO

DTH:Tandem pump with turbo

DPH:Parallel pump

H:Kawasaki Pump Options


H:with centrifugal pump

P:with PTO

100:Indicates the design code for a Kawasaki hydraulic pump.100/1N/101….

R:Indicates the direction of rotation of the Kawasaki hydraulic pump

L:rotate left

R:rotate right

2N:Indicates the regulator code for the Kawasaki hydraulic pump.9N/9C/9P/HN/9T/YT/OE

01:Indicates the design code of the regulator of the Kawasaki hydraulic pump, the power curve code

Now I think you should know very well how to quickly confirm your hydraulic pump model,If you still can’t understand, please see the picture below

Kawasaki hydraulic pump nameplate interpretation
Kawasaki hydraulic pump nameplate interpretation

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