rexroth internal gear pumps

rexroth internal gear pumps

rexroth internal gear pumps

Internal gear pumps can be used up to a continuous pressure of 315 bar (depending on the frame size).

This pump principle features a compact design with particularly high energy density. The internal gear pumps are available with NPSH ratings up to 2,000 m3/h.

The high-pressure models can be equipped with a high-temperature seal or a stainless steel housing. For applications with corrosive substances, we recommend our stainless steel version of the internal gear pumps.

The free-flow line is available as standard in sizes from DN 50 to 800 mm, and other sizes upon request.

The pumps are available in several different sizes and models, making them suitable for a range of different applications. Topkitparts offers a wide range of internal gear pumps that can be used for either low or high pressures.

They can also be fitted with either single or double shaft configurations.

rexroth internal gear pumps Series

Internal gear pumps PGF

Internal gear pumps PGF

  • Frame size 1, 2, 3
  • Size 1.7 —40
  • Component series 2X, 3X
  • Maximum operating pressure 250 bar
  • Maximum displacement 40.5 cm³
Internal gear pumps PGH-2X

Internal gear pumps PGH-2X

  • Frame size 1, 2,
  • Size 1.7 —45
  • Component series 2X, 4X
  • Maximum operating pressure 300 bar
  • Maximum displacement 50.5 cm³
Internal gear pump PGH-3X

Internal gear pump PGH-3X

  • Frame size 4, 5
  • Size 20 —250
  • Component series 3X
  • Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
  • Maximum displacement 250.5 cm³
Internal gear pump PGM-4X

Internal gear pump PGM-4X

  • Frame size 4, 5
  • Size 25 —125
  • Component series 4X
  • Maximum operating pressure 210 bar
  • Maximum displacement 125.3 cm³
Internal gear pump PGM-4X

Internal gear pump PGP

  • Fixed displacement
  • Frame size 2, 3
  • Size 6.3 —32
  • Maximum pressure 350 bar
  • Displacement 6.5 —32.5 cm³

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rexroth internal gear pumps feature

rexroth internal gear pumps Product Description

Radial compensation

The radial compensation force FR acts on segment (7.1) and segment support (7.2). 

The area ratios and the position of the sheet seals (7.3) between the segment and segment support are designed so that an almost leakage gap-free sealing between internal gear (2), segment filler element (7) and pinion shaft (3) is achieved. 

Spring elements under the sheet seal (7.3) ensure sufficient contact pressure, also with very low pressures.

Radial compensation

Hydrodynamic and hydrostatic mounting

The forces acting on the pinion shaft are accepted by hydrodynamically lubricated radial plain bearings ; the forces acting on the internal gear by the hydrostatic bearing.

The hydrostatic bearing mounts the shaft concentrically and axially, as well as radially to support axial and radial loads. The hydrodynamic bearing mounts the shaft concentrically and axially only; it cannot support axial loads.

The hydrodynamic bearing is used when there is no possibility of water leakage, so that it can be mounted in a position where there is no danger of water penetration. The hydrostatic bearing is used when there is some possibility of water leakage, so that it must be mounted in a position where there is no danger of water penetration.

Gear tooth system

The toothing is an involute tooth system. Its large meshing length results in little flow and pressure pulsation; these little pulsation rates considerably contribute to the low-noise running.

The toothing has a large number of teeth, which ensures high torque capacity and can effectively absorb pressure pulsations caused by the fluctuation of the speed or load during operation.

The tooth profile has a combination serration shape with a small contact angle, which makes it easy for the tooth to climb over obstacles in the working medium and improves cutting resistance at low speeds.

rexroth internal gear pumps Product Description
  1. Mounting flange
  2. Housing
  3. Cover with through-drive
  4. Pinion shaft
  5. Internal gear
  6. Plain bearings
  7. Axial washers
  8. And stop pin
  9. As well as the radial compensation consisting of segment
  10. Segment support
  11. And the seal rolls

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The internal gear pump has a main shaft that rotates with the drive motor. This shaft also has a helical gear attached to it. The helical gears are connected to an output shaft that transfers the power from the motor to the liquid being pumped. This process is similar to what you would find in a car’s transmission system or a bicycle chain drivetrain. The difference is that these applications use external gears while an internal gear pump uses internal gears within its casing.

The gears are enclosed within the casing of the pump, which allows them to rotate at high speeds without coming into contact with each other. This also prevents any contact between the moving parts and any contaminants in your fluid, which can cause premature wear on your equipment and reduce its lifespan significantly.

Internal gear pumps are designed for high-pressure applications where there may be some debris present in your fluid stream that could damage other types of pumps like rotary vane pumps or centrifugal pumps if they were used instead of an internal gear pump.

Internal gear pumps are widely used in industrial applications. They are used as pumps, valves and mixers. Internal gear pumps are generally used in the chemical and petrochemical industries where they pump corrosive chemicals such as acids, caustic solutions and other aggressive liquids.

Internal gear pumps are also used in the food industry to pump cocoa paste, oils and other edible products. They can also be applied to the pumping of slurries such as cement, ceramics and many other materials that have a high viscosity.

In order to calculate the internal gear pump displacement, we need to know its diameter, number of teeth in its gears and rotation speed of its gears. This is because all these parameters affect the calculation of internal gear pump displacement.

To calculate internal gear pump displacement (ID) using this formula:

ID= π x D x N x Speed

The internal gear pump is the most common type of liquid pumps. They are used to transfer liquids and gases, which have a viscosity of up to 5000 mPa·s (5 cP).

The basic working principle is based on gears that are arranged inside the pump housing in such a way as to form a rotating impeller with two concentric shafts. The inner shaft rotates at a constant speed, while the outer one rotates at a variable speed, depending on the flow rate required by the application.

In an internal gear pump, one of these shafts has teeth cut into it, similar to those of a gear wheel. These teeth engage with matching grooves on the other shaft, which is known as an idler gear or ring gear.[1] The two gears rotate together but do not touch each other – instead they rotate in opposite directions. The direction of rotation depends on which way the fluid flows through the pump.

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