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Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F Hydraulic Pump


The Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F hydraulic pump is a professional-grade pump designed for use in industrial and engineering applications. Its durable construction and advanced features make it an ideal choice for high-volume applications.

The Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F pump is capable of pumping a variety of fluids, including water, oil, and gas. Its adjustable speed and pinpoint accuracy make it perfect for demanding applications. Plus, its easy operation makes it a breeze to use.


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Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F Hydraulic Pump

The Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F Hydraulic Pump is perfect for pumping water and dealing with other liquids. It has a high discharge ratio and a flow rate that is regulated by its pressure relief valve. This pump also includes an external cavity pump-oil plate, which helps to maintain oil pressure and protects the pump from premature wear.

The QT4223-31.5-4F hydraulic pump is used in underground excavations and general engineering purposes. Featuring a variable displacement design, the pump can provide constant pressure to a variety of processes while significantly reducing energy consumption.


1) This product is a quality product and will serve your needs.

2) Lower operating costs by using Sumitomo in your work.

3) The QT4223-31.5-4F hydraulic pump has a shaft seal which is well known for its durability and reliability, so you know that it’s the best option available.

4) High pressure capacity and efficiency; the best price online.

5) Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F Hydraulic Pump

6) The product type makes it easier to find the right components for your project.

7) Provides a total horsepower of 4,230.

Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F Hydraulic Pump Datasheet

Applicable Flange Block Bearings
Pump Type 0.0
Material N/A
Weight 12.712
Rated Power M06288
Pressure 4
Structure Concentric Collar
Usage 4 Bolt Round Flange Block
Install Spherical Roller Bearing
Cross Code Cast Steel
Color Non-expansion
Torque 3/4 Inch
Dimension(L*W*H) Yes
Displacement 22215
Maximum Flow Rate Double Lip Nitrile Rubber
Max Pressure 1 Piece Solid
Power With Pilot
Condition Inch
Cross Code 4 Bolt Round Flange Block; 2-3/4" Bore; 7.9" Bolt Circle; 5.57" Bolt Spacing; 1 Piece Solid; Concentric Collar Mount; Cast Steel; Spherical Roller Bearing; 3.62" Length Thru Bore;

يشترى Sumitomo QT5143-100-31.5F Double Gear Pump رقم الموديل, Sumitomo QT Series Double Gear Pump QT5143-100-31.5F. الحد الأدنى QT2222-8-4F, QT5133-125-12.5F QT4223-31.5-4F, QT6123-250-4FSumitomo QT4223-31.5-6.3F Double Gear PumpModel Number: Sumitomo QT Series Double Gear Pump QT4223-31.5-6.3F QT2222-8-4F, QT5133-125-12.5F QT3222-12.5-4F, QT5143-80-31.5FQT4222-31.5-4F QT Series Double Gear PumpQuality Gear Pumps manufacturers & exporter – buy QT4222-31.5-4F QT Series SUMITOMO QT pumps feature special internal gears that offer the advantages of low pressure ripples and low noise. QT4223-31.5-6.3F, QT6123-250-6.3F

Sumitomo Gear Pump, description about Qt4223-31.5-6.3-aSumitomo Gear Pump,show the detail of Qt4223-31.5-6.3-a Low Loss Excavator Sumitomo Gear Pump on China Suppliers – 158702870. QT4222-31.5-4FSumitomo QT4323-31.5-4F Double Gear PumpQuality Sumitomo manufacturers & exporter – buy Sumitomo QT4323-31.5-4F Double Gear Pump from China QT4223-31.5-6.3F, QT6123-250-6.3FSumitomo QT4223-31.5-6.3F Double Gear Pump for saleModel Number : Sumitomo QT Series Double Gear Pump QT4223-31.5-6.3F. Place of Origin : Japan QT3222-12.5-4F, QT5143-80-31.5F. QT3222-12.5-5F 

Pump Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F – HYDRO-PARTSHydraulic gear pump Sumitomo QT4223-31.5-4F. Double pump have displacement 31.5+4cm3/rev and weight about 28.5kg7 SUMITOMO QT4223 Series Double Gear Pump – PinterestSUMITOMO QT4223 Series Double Gear Pump QT4223-31.5-6.3-A Our Zenith Industrial Manufacture Co.,Ltd’s complete line of hydraulic SUMITOMO QT4223 Sumitomo QT Series Double Internal Gear PumpHigh quality Sumitomo QT Series Double Internal Gear Pump from China, China’s leading hydraulic internal gear pump Product, With strict QT4223-31.5-4F-A

Sumitomo QT of QT3222,QT3223,QT4123,QT4133,QT4222Sumitomo. Model Number: QT3222,QT3223,QT4123,QT4133,QT4222, sumitomo QT double hydraulic gear pump: QT4223-31.5-4F, QT6123-250-4F

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