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Sumitomo QT4223-25-4F Hydraulic Pump


The Sumitomo QT4223-25-4F hydraulic pump is a professional-grade hydraulic pump designed for use in industrial and commercial settings. This pump is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including fluid power, heavy machinery, and water treatment.

This pump is reliable and can handle high demands, making it a great choice for engineers who need a top-quality hydraulic pump. With its robust construction and advanced features, the Sumitomo QT4223-25-4F is perfect for any industrial or commercial application.


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Sumitomo QT4223-25-4F Hydraulic Pump

This is a high-quality, low-cost hydraulic pump that can be used for many different purposes. This pump has a casing made of high-strength steel in order to reduce the weight and make it easy to transport, and has a piston made of hard chrome vanadium which allows it to resist corrosion.

The Sumitomo QT4223-25-4F is a full speed, under control pump that has been designed for the most demanding applications. It pumps from 250 to 4000 lph while maintaining pressures up to 1600. The compact design of this pump will fit in the tightest spaces.


1) Sumitomo QT4223-25-4F is an ideal pump for use in oil, gas and steam applications.

2) Make pumps faster and more efficient for a better quality product.

3) Sumitomo’s QT series standard pump offers high flow and a safe, reliable, durable machine.

4) Meet the exact specifications for hydraulic pump systems with a single horsepower rating.

5) Sumitomo QT4223-25-4F Hydraulic Pump is a hydraulic pump with 25L/min, 6.3 bar capacity and 4F stroke.

6) With a hydraulic pump, work is much more efficient. Our pump has been equipped with a quick-disconnect feature and can be shut down instantly when not in use.

7) Reduce labor costs by using a hydraulic pump that requires no maintenance.

Sumitomo QT4223-25-4F Hydraulic Pump Datasheet

Install Precision Ball Bearings
Cross Code 0.0
Rated Power N/A
Pressure 0.422
Max Pressure B04270
Color Open
Material ABEC 7 | ISO P4
Maximum Flow Rate Steel
Power 1 (Single)
Cross Code 15 Degree
Pump Type Light
Displacement 1 Rib Inner Ring and Outer Ring
Structure Phenolic

Sumitomo QT of QT3222,QT3223,QT4123,QT4133,QT4222Sumitomo. Model Number: QT3222,QT3223,QT4123,QT4133,QT4222,1T4223 sumitomo QT double hydraulic gear pump: QT4223-25-4F, QT6123-200-4FSumitomo QT Series Double Internal Gear PumpQT4223-25-8F-A. QT4223-31.5-4F-A. QT4223-31.5-5F-A. QT4223-31.5-6.3F-A. QT4223-31.5-8F-A. QT4232-20-10F-A. QT4232-20-12.5F-A. QT4232-20-16F-AQT4223-25-6.3F QT Series Double Gear Pump – Hydraulic PumpsQuality Gear Pumps manufacturers & exporter – buy QT4223-25-6.3F QT Series SUMITOMO QT pumps feature special internal gears that offer the advantages of low pressure ripples and low noise. QT3222-10-4F, QT5143-125-25F

SUMITOMO QT4223 Series Double Gear Pump QT4223-31.5People also love these ideas · NACHI VDC-1A-1A2-20 VDC Series Hydraulic Vane Pumps · SUMITOMO QT4322 Series Double Gear Pump QT4322-25-4FГидравлический насос Sumitomo QT, QX, CX(Каталожный # Sumitomo-QT) Sumitomo QT Series Gear Pump Model List: QT31-20-A QT6123-160-6.3F QT4223-20-8F QT6123-160-8F QT4223-25-4F Sumitomo Gear Pump, buy Transporttation Qt4223-25-4f HighQuality Sumitomo Gear Pump, buy Transporttation Qt4223-25-4f High Strength Sumitomo Gear Pump from Beijing Jinglun Hydraulic Equipment Co., Ltd on 

Sumitomo QT4223-25-6.3F Double Gear Pump for saleModel Number : Sumitomo QT Series Double Gear Pump QT4223-25-6.3F. Place of Origin : Japan. MOQ : 1 QT3222-10-4F, QT5143-125-25F. QT3222-10-5F Sumitomo QT4223-25-6.3F Double Gear PumpQuality Sumitomo manufacturers & exporter – buy Sumitomo QT4223-25-6.3F Double Gear Pump from China manufacturer. QT2222-8-4F, QT5133-125-12.5FHydraulic pumps Sumitomo – HYDRO-PARTSWe offer hydraulic motors and pumps Sumitomo. QT4223-20-5F / QT4223-20-6.3F / QT4223-20-8F / QT4223-25-4F / QT4223-25-5F / QT4223-25-6.3F 

يشترى Sumitomo QT4322-25-6.3F Double Gear Pump رقم الموديل, Sumitomo QT Series Double Gear Pump QT4322-25-6.3F. الحد الأدنى لكمية, 1 QT2222-8-4F, QT5133-125-12.5F QT4223-25-4F, QT6123-200-4F

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