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Kawasaki K3VL Pump

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The Kawasaki K3VL pump is a high pressure liquid pump designed to supply hydraulic power to hydraulic cylinders and actuators from a hydraulic power unit. The K3VL pump is designed with a mechanical seal for long life, reliability, and durability in industrial applications.

The K3VL pump has been designed for pumping liquids with solid particles or sludge up to a maximum size of 50 microns (0.05 mm) and solids up to 1% by volume at full rating conditions. The K3VL can operate as low as 1 rpm (0.01 Hz) and as high as 5200 rpm (50 kHz).This centrifugal pump has an operating range from -20˚C (-4˚F) to +120˚C (+248˚F).

We offer a wide selection of high quality Kawasaki pumps for sale, as well as replacement parts for many applications.

Kawasaki K3VL Series Pumps Features

High Pump Efficiency

Kawasaki’s K3VL Series pumps are high-efficiency, positive-displacement rotary lobe pumps with a single suction and variable displacement. These highly reliable, compact, lightweight pumps are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet your specific application needs.

The Kawasaki K3VL Pumps is available with capacities ranging from 0.1 to 5.0 GPM (0.26 to 15.5 LPM) at pressures up to 3500 PSI (241 BAR). Suitable for many industrial and commercial applications including chemical transfer, water transfer and irrigation systems. In addition, the Kawasaki K3VL Series can be configured with an optional anti-vibration feature that allows for smooth operation even under heavy load conditions.

Low Noise

The Kawasaki K3VL pumps low noise and are used in a variety of applications, including water supply, sewage treatment, and chemical process systems. The Kawasaki K3VL pumps low noise are designed to operate in high temperature environments, where durability is essential.

The Kawasaki pumps K3VL low noise are offered in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet your exact application requirements. We can also provide you with the necessary accessories to ensure that your system operates efficiently and safely at all times.

Wide range of control options

Kawasaki K3VL Pumps have a wide range of control options to suit different applications. The standard control offered is a proportional control valve (PCV) which provides proportional speed and torque control. A proportional plus integral controller (P+I) can also be supplied for applications where the operator requires a combination of speed and torque control.

The Kawasaki K3VL pump is available in three different sizes:

KAWASAKI K3VL-W8-B (1/2″ BSP) with a maximum flow rate of 1,500 l/min at a pressure head of 8 bar, suitable for low volume applications such as fire hoses and sprinklers.

KAWASAKI K3VL-W12-B (1″ BSP) with a maximum flow rate of 2,000 l/min at a pressure head of 12 bar, suitable for medium volume applications such as fire hoses and sprinklers.

KAWASAKI K3VL-W16-B (1 1/4″ BSP) with a maximum flow rate of 3,000 l/min at a pressure head of 16 bar, suitable for high volume applications such as fire hoses and sprinklers.

Kawasaki K3VL 3D models

If you’re looking for a 3D model of the Kawasaki K3VL Pump, we’ve got you covered. You can download the file for free, or purchase the water-tight STL version of the model on our website, which is great for 3D printing.

Kawasaki K3VL Pump Specifications

If you’re considering buying a Kawasaki K3VL pump but want to know what specifications it has, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to tell you about the overall weight, price, and warranty of these pumps as well as how much fuel they can transport per hour.

Displacement (cm3)284580112140200200
Pressure (MPa)Rated32
Max Self Priming Speed (min-1)2,6002,7002,4002,2002,2001,9002,200
Mass (approx.) (kg)202535656595130
k3vl80 kawasaki pump
k3vl80 kawasaki pump
k3vl80 kawasaki pump

Kawasaki K3VL Pump Applications

Kawasaki K3VL pumps are used in a wide range of Kawasaki engines. The most common K3VL pumps are the K3VL-H and K3VL-U. The K3VL-H is used in both four-stroke and two-stroke engines and the K3VL-U is used only in four-stroke engines. The main difference between these two models is that the K3VL-H has a longer shaft to accommodate a mechanical fuel pump, while the shorter shaft on the K3VL-U accommodates an electric fuel pump.

Kawasaki K3VL Pump Applications
  • Excavators
  • Wheel Loaders
  • Crawler Drills/ Pile Drivers
  • Cranes (Crawler / Rough Terrain )
  • Truck Mounted Cranes
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Crushers
  • Asphalt Pavers
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Manlifts / Fire Engines
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Sprayers
  • Rice-Planting Machines
  • Forestry
  • Plastic Machinery & Die Casting
  • Press Machines
  • Waste Treatment
  • Oceanic Machines
  • Cargo Vessels
  • Oil Tankers

Kawasaki K3VL Series Model List

K3VL80/A-1BRSS-L0/1-M* K3VL80/A-1CLSM-P0 K3VL80/B-10RSM-P0/1-H3 K3VL80/A-1CRSM-L0 K3VL80/A-1CRSS-L0 K3VL80/B-10RSS-L0/1-L4 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L0/1-H4
K3VL80/B-10RSM-L0/1-H1 K3VL80/B-10RSM-P0/1-E0 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-L3 K3VL80/B-10RSS-LN12D K3VL80/B-10RSS-L0 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L0 K3VL80/A-1NLKM-P0/1-L*
K3VL80/B-1NRSM-L0/1-Q0 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-H2 K3VL80/A-1CRMM-L0 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-Q0 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L1 K3VL80/A-1NLKM-L0/1-M* K3VL80/B-10RSS-P0
K3VL80/A-1BRSS-P0 K3VL80/A-1CLSS-L0 K3VL80/B-10RSM-P0/1-H4 K3VL80/B-10RSS-L1 K3VL80/A-1NLJM-L1 K3VL80/B-10RSS-L0/1-L6 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L0/1-M1
K3VL80/B-10RSM-L0/1-H4 K3VL80/B-10RSM-P0/1-H1 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-L5 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-S3 K3VL80/B-10RSS-L0/1-H1 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L0/1-00 K3VL80/B-10RSS-P0/1-H2
K3VL80/A-1BRSS-P0/1-M* K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-H4 K3VL80/A-1CRMM-L0/1-H* K3VL80/A-1CRSM-L1 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L1/1-H2 K3VL80/A-1NLKM-P0 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L0/1-M2
K3VL80/B-10RSM-L0/1-L1 K3VL80/A-1CRHM-L0/1-L* K3VL80/B-10RSM-P0/1-L1 K3VL80/B-10RSS-L1/1-H1 K3VL80/A-1NLKM-L0 K3VL80/B-10RSS-L0/1-M1 K3VL80/A-1NLKM-P0/1-M*
K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0 K3VL80/B-10RSM-P0/1-H2 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-L6 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-PM24D K3VL80/B-10RSS-L0/1-L1 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L0/1-H2 K3VL80/B-10RSS-P0/1-L1
K3VL80/B-10RSM-L0/1-L3 K3VL80/B-1NRSM-P0/1-L1 K3VL80/A-1CRMM-L1 K3VL80/A-1CRSM-L1/1-M* K3VL80/B-1NRSS-L1/1-H4 K3VL80/A-1NLKM-P0-T026 K3VL80/B-1NRSS-P0
K3VL80/A-1CLSM-L0 K3VL80/A-1CRKM-L0 K3VL80/B-10RSM-P0/1-L5 K3VL80/B-10RSS-L1C/1-00 K3VL80/A-1NLKM-L0/1-L* K3VL80/B-10RSS-L0/1-M2 K3VL80/A-1NLKS-L0

Kawasaki K3VL Videos

Are you looking for genuine kawasaki k3vl pumps videos? If so, then its the right place to get these awesome videos free. These videos will ensure your technical knowledge and will leave you with a good understanding of how to use your engine.

Kawasaki K3VL Pump PDF

Looking for a Kawasaki K3VL Pump PDF? It’s right here. Actually, it’s several of them. Whether you have questions while looking over the manual, or need more in-depth instruction on how to properly operate this piece of machinery, there’s a pdf here for you.

Kawasaki K3VL Pump Feedback & Review

The quality of the Kawasaki K3VL Pump has far exceeded my expectations. I was a little worried about ordering from an online source and having it shipped to the UK, but everything went perfectly well. Thanks again for all your advice on the phone and for getting me such a great price!
Jose Gonzalez
I bought the pump from you guys, and it worked great. I used it for my boat, and it pumped a lot of water.
Mary Seitz
I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great pump. I have been using mine for three years now and it still works like the day I installed it. The Kawasaki K3VL pump has been working very well for us, but we have recently had some issues with it. We appreciate all your help in providing us with a quality pump.
Paul Rainn
I like the product. I have been in business for about a year and this is the best pump that I have found.
Susan M. Hetzel

Kawasaki K3VL FAQ

Free presale, in-sale, and after-sale consultation service for you!

The Kawasaki K3VL ships within 5 business days of your order. However, please allow up to 10 days for delivery, as we have no control over the carrier’s transit times. If you have not received your order after 10 days, please contact us!

  • The products should be in their original packaging.
  • The products should be unused.
  • The products must not have been damaged by you.
  • The products should be returned within 30 days of delivery date.
  • If the product is defective or damaged, then you can return it within 30 days of delivery date.

Yes, we have a wide range of Kawasaki K3VL Pump drawings and manuals available for your download. These are free to access.

Kawasaki K3VL Pump Technical Manual – Download a PDF version of the Kawasaki K3VL Pump technical manual. The manual covers all aspects of the machine from the engine to electrical system, hydraulic system and more.

Kawasaki K3VL Pump Repair Manual – Download a PDF version of the Kawasaki K3VL Pump repair manual. The manual covers all aspects of repairing, servicing and maintaining your machine. This is a must-have if you want to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Kawasaki K3VL Pump Parts Catalog – Download a PDF version of the Kawasaki K3VL Pump parts catalog. The catalog provides all of the necessary details so you can order exactly what you need when it comes time to replace or repair any parts on your machine.

Warranty is the period of time for which a product is guaranteed to work. The period of time varies according to the manufacturer.

We provide free lifetime technical support, free online service, free online update for all products that we sell, and best price in China!

 Kawasaki K3VL Pump installation video is available. This video will help you to install the pump on your Kawasaki K3VL.

Yes, PUMPS supports OEM.

We can supply the OEM service for you.

The price is based on your quantity and requirements.

Yes, I think the applicable model query is more important.

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