Axial piston pump HPV-02 Manufacturing
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Axial piston pump HPV-02 Manufacturing

Axial piston pump HPV-02

Axial piston pump (piston pump) is a mechanical device that converts the energy of the fluid into mechanical power. This is done by means of a rotating rod, called a piston, which is forced to move in a circular or elliptical motion by the fluid pressure acting on its surface. The axis around which the piston rotates is parallel to the longitudinal axis (or main body) of the pump. This type of pump is used for low pressures and high flows, compared to centrifugal pumps.

We have an extensive inventory of standard axial piston pump models available for immediate shipment. We also carry many special purpose pumps that may be customized with your choice of materials or features to meet your specific needs.

We have a wide range of models available for sale at affordable prices. Whether you need a small or large unit, we can help! We pride ourselves on our customer service and will always be happy to answer any questions you may have about our products.

Axial piston pump HPV-02 Features

The Axial Piston Pump HPV-02 is a high pressure, direct driven, positive displacement pump. It was developed in response to industry’s need for a small, lightweight, efficient and cost effective axial piston pump that delivers outstanding performance under extreme conditions.

compact design

The axial piston pump HPV-02 features a compact design, which allows the pump to be installed in tight spaces.

high power density

HPV-02 mainly applied in hydraulic work. It features high energy saving, high power density and low cost.

dynamic response

Axial piston pump HPV-02 is a dynamic response type, single acting positive displacement pump.

high reliability

The HPV-02 piston pump adopted in motor drive or in line with the use of electromagnetic control, it has high efficiency and low energy consumption.

long service life

The axial piston pump is used for feeding and discharging fluids with corrosive properties.HPV-02 is perfectly suitable for handling a variety of inorganic liquids.


The axial piston pump HPV-02 features noise optimized design and combines the advantages of both vane and piston pumps.

Linde axial Piston pump HPV-02 3D Models

Linde Piston Pump HPV-02 Specifications

HPV-02 unit5575105135165210280
Max. displacementcc/rev54.775.9105135.7165.6210.1281.9
Max. operating speedrpm3900340032003000275023002400
Max. speed*rpm4150360034003200295025002550
Nominal pressurebar450450450450450450450
Max. pressure**bar500500500500500500500
Torque (Δp=430 bar; charge pressure=20 bar)Nm374519719929113314381929
Corner power (theor.)***kW153185241292326346485
Weight approx. (with H1 control, without oil)****kg46496672113132
Linde Piston Pump HPV-02 Specifications
Axial piston pump

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps Applications

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 pumps are designed for high pressure, high volume applications. The Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 is a centrifugal pump that produces high pressure, high volume flow. These pumps are ideal for chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industrial applications.

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Power Plant Industry

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps PDF

The Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps PDF is a detailed technical information booklet regarding the capabilities of an HPV-02 piston pump.

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps Series model list

HPR165-02 / 2560000001HPR75-02 / 2530002503HPR105-02 / 2540002579HPR105-02 / 2540002693HPR55-02 / 2520002555HPR135-02 / 2550002629HPR100-01 / 2540002572HPR130-01 / 2550002569
HPR165-02 / 2560002570HPR75-02 / 2530002550HPR105-02 / 2540002580HPR105-02 / 2540002694HPR135-02 / 2550002608HPR135-02 / 2550002633HPR100-01 / 2540002573HPR130-01 / 2550002570
HPR210-02 / 2570000000HPR75-02 / 2530002551HPR105-02 / 2540002581HPR105-02 / 2540002695HPR55-02 / 2520002558HPR135-02 / 2550002641HPR100-01 / 2540002574HPR130-01 / 2550002571
HPR210-02 / 2570002500HPR75-02 / 2530002552HPR105-02 / 2540002582HPR105-02 / 2540002696HPR135-02 / 2550002609HPR135-02 / 2550002671HPR100-01 / 2540002575HPR130-01 / 2550002574
HPR210-02 / 2570002501HPR75-02 / 2530002553HPR105-02 / 2540002583HPR105-02 / 2540002697HPR135-02 / 2550002610HPR135-02 / 2550002672HPR100-01 / 2540002591HPR130-01 / 2550002578
HPR210-02 / 2570002502HPR75-02 / 2530002554HPR105-02 / 2540002585HPR105-02 / 2540002698HPR135-02 / 2550002611HPR135-02 / 2550002674HPR100-01 / 2540002673HPR130-01 / 2550002667
HPR210-02 / 2570002504HPR75-02 / 2530002555HPR105-02 / 2540002588HPR105-02 / 2540176169HPR135-02 / 2550002612HPR90-01 / 2540002550HPR130-01 / 2550002500HPR130-01 / 2550002669
HPR210-02 / 2570002505HPR75-02 / 2530002556HPR105-02 / 2540002600HPR135-02 / 2550000001HPR135-02 / 2550002613HPR90-01 / 2540002551HPR130-01 / 2550002550HPR130-01 / 2560002500
HPR210-02 / 2570002507HPR75-02 / 2530002557HPR105-02 / 2540002601HPR135-02 / 2550002600HPR135-02 / 2550002614HPR90-01 / 2540002552HPR130-01 / 2550002551HPR160-01 / 2560002550
HPR210-02 / 2570002508HPR75-02 / 2530002558HPR105-02 / 2540002653HPR135-02 / 2550002601HPR135-02 / 2550002615HPR90-01 / 2540002554HPR130-01 / 2550002552HPR160-01 / 2560002552
HPR210-02 / 2570002509HPR75-02 / 2530002559HPR105-02 / 2540002677HPR135-02 / 2550002602HPR135-02 / 2550002616HPR100-01 / 2540002556HPR130-01 / 2550002553HPR160-01 / 2560002554
HPR210-02 / 2570002510HPR75-02 / 2530002560HPR105-02 / 2540002678HPR135-02 / 2550002603HPR135-02 / 2550002618HPR100-01 / 2540002558HPR130-01 / 2550002554HPR160-01 / 2560002556
HPR210-02 / 2570002511HPR75-02 / 2530002561HPR105-02 / 2540002679HPR55-02 / 2520000000HPR135-02 / 2550002619HPR100-01 / 2540002560HPR160-01 / 2550002556HPR160-01 / 2560002558
HPR210-02 / 2570002512HPR75-02 / 2530002564HPR105-02 / 2540002680HPR135-02 / 2550002604HPR135-02 / 2550002620HPR100-01 / 2540002561HPR130-01 / 2550002558HPR160-01 / 2560002559
HPR210-02 / 2570002514HPR75-02 / 2530002567HPR105-02 / 2540002681HPR55-02 / 2520002502HPR135-02 / 2550002621HPR100-01 / 2540002562HPR130-01 / 2550002560HPR160-01 / 2560002560
HPR210-02 / 2570002515HPR105-02 / 2540000001HPR105-02 / 2540002682HPR135-02 / 2550002605HPR135-02 / 2550002622HPR100-01 / 2540002564HPR115-01 / 2550002562HPR160-01 / 2560002561
HPR280-02 / 2580000000HPR105-02 / 2540002553HPR105-02 / 2540002683HPR55-02 / 2520002552HPR135-02 / 2550002623HPR100-01 / 2540002566HPR130-01 / 2550002564HPR160-01 / 2560002562
HPR75-02 / 2530000000HPR105-02 / 2540002576HPR105-02 / 2540002688HPR135-02 / 2550002606HPR135-02 / 2550002624HPR100-01 / 2540002568HPR130-01 / 2550002565HPR160-01 / 2560002563
HPR75-02 / 2530002500HPR105-02 / 2540002577HPR105-02 / 2540002690HPR55-02 / 2520002553HPR135-02 / 2550002625HPR100-01 / 2540002570HPR130-01 / 2550002567HPR160-01 / 2560002564
HPR75-02 / 2530002502HPR105-02 / 2540002578HPR105-02 / 2540002692HPR135-02 / 2550002607HPR135-02 / 2550002626HPR100-01 / 2540002571HPR130-01 / 2550002568HPR160-01 / 2560002568

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps Video

This video shows you how to use a hydraulic pump, including how to start and stop the pump, how to bleed the air out of the system and how to check for leaks. It also explains what you need in order to operate an electric hydraulic pump.

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps FAQ

Free presale, in-sale, and after-sale consultation service for you!

The Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps ships within 5 business days of your order. However, please allow up to 10 days for delivery, as we have no control over the carrier’s transit times. If you have not received your order after 10 days, please contact us!

  • The products should be in their original packaging.
  • The products should be unused.
  • The products must not have been damaged by you.
  • The products should be returned within 30 days of delivery date.
  • If the product is defective or damaged, then you can return it within 30 days of delivery date.

Yes, we have a wide range of Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps drawings and manuals available for your download. These are free to access.

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps Technical Manual – Download a PDF version of the Linde HPV-02 Hydraulic Pumps technical manual. The manual covers all aspects of the machine from the engine to electrical system, hydraulic system and more.

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps Repair Manual – Download a PDF version of the Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps repair manual. The manual covers all aspects of repairing, servicing and maintaining your machine. This is a must-have if you want to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps Parts Catalog – Download a PDF version of the Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps parts catalog. The catalog provides all of the necessary details so you can order exactly what you need when it comes time to replace or repair any parts on your machine.

Warranty is the period of time for which a product is guaranteed to work. The period of time varies according to the manufacturer.

We provide free lifetime technical support, free online service, free online update for all products that we sell, and best price in China!

Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps installation video is available. This video will help you to install the pump on your Linde Hydraulic HPV-02 Pumps.

Yes, PUMPS supports OEM.

We can supply the OEM service for you.

The price is based on your quantity and requirements.

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